Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Great in '08

Hello one and all,

It's now 2008 (actually has been for a week and a half).

Things are rolling along as fast as ever. eWareness is making a fast track toward getting up and running and packed with Veteran Owned Businesses in time for several large Veteran Owned Business trade shows. We plan on exhibiting in Las Vegas this summer. With nearly 1,000 sign ups already, it's clearly apparent the Directory is shaping up to become the leading authority on businesses that are owned and/or managed by veterans and service disabled veterans.

Other than that, we've been actively looking at areas in Charlotte for a second location for eWareness. Our office will remain headquartered in Melbourne Florida. With growing demand from businesses all over the United States, we've decided try and find an affordable, second location where the cost of living is a little lower than other parts of the country but with a large pool of talented employees. I'll update you more as the Charlotte issue comes along.

Other than that, things are cooking. We've hired 1 full time web designer and one part time web designer. Both are settling in ok.

I hope all is well and I wish you the best success in '08.


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