Saturday, July 7, 2007

Good Morning All

Well here it is 6 am having pulled another all nighter! I guess the good thing is today is Saturday. At least I should be able to get in a siesta at some point. The sun is just coming up here in Central Florida. Looks to be a nice day even though I'll likely be in a fog the whole time.

Been extremely busy between editing photos for several clients, doing some web site judging (WebAwards) and several pro bono projects eWareness ( is working on at the moment.

What else has happened since my last post? Well we've added two more people to the eWareness staff. We've also adopted a dog from the Brevard County Animal Shelter. One day I'll post her photo. We named her Radar on account of her ears that are about twice the normal size for frame.

Well I guess it's back to work. Everyone please enjoy July 7, 2007. I hear today is supposed to be lucky. We'll see if this is the case.