Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Uno de Mayo

Hello everyone. Looks like we are now into May. I can not believe how frigging fast time is flying. We are now into our 5th month of 2007. A lot has happened so far this year.

On a professional note: we've hired two more people to eWareness' staff. We are still in the midst of finding bigger office spaces but aren't in a rush to move. As far as clients, we've increased our client base this year by over 1000%. We've also expanded out into other geographic locations like VA, CA and MA.

On a personal note: well I have some bad news. I have joined the ranks of the 40 something crowd. Yep... just a few weeks ago I officially crossed over into 40.

That's pretty much it. Life is more or less work, work, work. Up at 6:30am working on the computer right away. 20 minutes for a bike ride. At the office around 9. Leave for the day around 8pm. Work on the computer until about 11pm or so and that's it.